About Jeannette

Jeannette Snyder is a human being. So there's that.

The first poem she remember writing was an overly sentimental yet subtly angry piece about three birds and two trees. The boy bird started out in the tree with the girl bird. One day he flew to the other the other tree with a different girl bird.

She wrote said poem when she was 12 years old and deeply, spiritually in love with a boy also happened to be a total player. If you're out there, player-bird-boy, it's fine. She doesn't take it personally anymore. Also she thought your brother was hotter than you.

After a 10 year hiatus from poetry, she made her triumphant return with an overly sentimental yet subtly angry piece about unrequited love, except this time she was in college so she didn't use birds as a metaphor.

She hopes that she's been able to move away from overly sentimental yet subtly angry poetry, but fears that old habits die hard. You better believe she still writes about boys, though.

She thinks "earshot" is a delightfully weird word.

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