Friday, February 3, 2012

A note on constructive criticism

I like it (when you call me Big Poppa) ß had to.

Anyway. Yes, I like constructive criticism. In fact, I long for it. I would kiss it every day. I would caress it like a baby kitten.

I recently decided that there is value in putting unpolished work out into the ether. This is a big step for me (perfectionist that I am).

To make this step mean something, I would like to be able to start polishing said work. This is why I need you. Help me see what I do not. I may not always take your suggestions. But they help me expand my view of my writing. 

If you be so kind as to constructively criticize my work, I would appreciate it if you would...

A. Remember that, although I am openly asking for ways to improve my writing, I am still a delicate flower. So tread gently, but be honest. 

B. However, if you like something, say so! Please include specifics. I like to know what I am doing well. 

This type of comment helps me a lot: 

I really liked this line “___________” because of X reason. I didn’t understand “_______________” for X reason. I would like more clarification here ____________.


I lost interest by _____ point. You could probably take out __________ line and ________ line and maintain meaning.


For some reason, the fourth stanza simply doesn’t move me. I can see why it's there, but I just don’t like it. Is there a way you could take it out?


If you just want to tell me I’m ultimate fabulous wonderful amazing and to never ever change, I’ll take that too. But I’ll be a little bummed out.

You get my drift.

Help me hone this craft, folks! I will be forever grateful.

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